Delta has a very interesting story. She is co-owned by Sandie Gordon of Dimond Ridgebacks, Diane Jacobsen of Calico Ridge Ridgebacks, and Debbie Cooper of Maijani Ridgebacks. She was bred by Diane, and lived with Sandie for her first couple of years. When Garnet went east to Sandie's to be bred, Delta came west and lived with us in the foothills. Over the four months she lived with us, we showed her with some success and she made good progress towards her AKC conformation championship. However, she made it quite clear that she had absoultely NO interest in chasing white plastic bags around a field and would much rather stay home on the couch when it came to lure coursing.

We quickly bonded with this silly liver-nosed girl, and were very sad when she went back to Diane in California to have her first litter. But fate intended that Delta settle down permanently in Colorado. After raising her litter of puppies, Delta was a bit at loose ends and she came back to live with us. Always the guard dog, Delta is great at keeping the property clear of small furry animals but she hasn't been able to keep the deer away from the garden! We've gotten her back into the show ring and she is just a few points away from her Ch. title and are looking forward raising her next litter of puppies.