Welcome to Maijani Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Our first Ridgeback joined us in early 2002 and after co-breeding with Dimond Ridgebacks, we established Maijani in 2006. In 2007 we relocated to a beautiful 10 acre property in the growing area of Longmont, Colorado. Our home has plenty of room for our Ridgebacks to roam and we are looking forward to enjoying many years in this beautiful location. The picture above and that is the heading for our website is of our foundation bitch Garnet, Ch. Dimond's Regal Gem of Spring Valley. This picture was taken on a trip to The Badlands in South Dakota and captures the intensity, strength, and beauty of the breed. Our goal is that every litter born at Maijani embodies these characteristics.   

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are amazing companions, but they are not the right dog for everyone. They are loyal and loving with their families, but they can also be very stubborn and strong-willed. Bringing a Ridgeback into your life is a serious committment and if you are willing to make the accomodations necessary to live with this breed, make sure you do your research. Only purchase from a reputable breeder, NEVER from a puppy store. Ask questions, meet the breed, and then ask more questions!

We are members in good standing of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States and the Colorado Rhodesian Ridgeback Club.

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Maijani News March 2020

Congratulations to Archer (pictured above) Select Dog winner at the Colorado Rhodesian Rhodesian Ridgeback Regional Specialty show in November. The Maijani pack has been showing on an occasional basis and we're looking forward to the season starting up again this spring. Look for our Journey x Alex puppies Case and Octavia in the ring next year. 

Breeding Plans:

At this time we do not have puppies available, and we do not have breeding plans in the foreseeable future. 

With demand for quality Ridgebacks in Colorado being very high right now we're hearing that waiting lists are filling up, so we are advising potential RR homes to be patient as the wait is well worth it for a well-bred, healthy Ridgeback with a solid temperament! We are willing to keep names and contact information on file for people who are able to wait but if that timing is too long for you we only recommend RRCUS member breeders who can be found at: http://rrcus.org/breeders.php 

If you are interested in a Maijani Ridgeback, please review the information on our placement process page. 

We also wanted to let people know that we discovered recently that some inquiry emails were getting redirected into a Junk folder and inadvertently deleted so we apologize to those who've sent notes and haven't received a response. We're working to go back and find those emails, but please be assured that we do have a record of your inquiry through the website tracking tool.